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To: All landlords and property managers

Re: 2013 and 2014 and 2015 NEW LAWS!
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Dear Residential Landlords and Property Managers:

The California Legislature has been busy again this year!

Since 1-1-2013 there have been numerous new laws for landlords, with new language that is required to be placed on many important notices. The new laws make these old forms obsolete:people

  • 30 Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy
  • 60 Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy
  • 90 Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy
  • Notice of Termination of Tenancy
  • Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Personal Property – To Former Tenant
  • Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Personal Property -  To Third Party
  • Notice of Belief of Abandonment of Real Property
  • Notice of Tenant’s Right to Request a Pre-Termination of Tenancy Inspection
  • Security Deposit Statement
  • Mutual Agreement to Vacate and Surrender Real Property
  • Notice of Intent to Enter
  • 48 Hour Notice of Intent to Enter
  • Formal Notice of Acceptance of Tenant Offer to Vacate/Notice to Vacate
  • Rental Agreements

Also, many of the rental agreements that we receive from landlords and property managers are (1) not as thorough or complete as they should be, (2) fail to contain the proper legislatively required language or information, (3) are downright illegal, or (3) fail to address multiple legal and factual issues that occur in the typical landlord-tenant relationship.

If you have not yet attended our “RENTAL AGREEMENT CLASS, there are many laws about which you may not be aware. At Mr. Link’s class you will be provided with significant valuable information regarding many of the 2013-2014-2015 requirements, as well as an abundance of new forms.

For you to learn, and become compliant with many of the new California laws applicable to residential landlord-tenant and property management issues, you will be provided with a 33 page updated rental agreement, along with a variety of addenda, forms and notices that are in some instances substantially different than the ones that you have been previously using.

Consistent with the new 2013-2014-2015 statutory amendments, various documents have been prepared by our office amending all of the documents listed above. You will receive most of these in the class.

Also, are you aware of the several City and County Rental Inspection Programs that may be conducted on your rental property? You will be provided with documentation necessary to learn about the City and County of Sacramento ordinances.

If you have already attended a rental agreement class with Mr. Link within the last year (appointment to appointment), the fee for your next appointment to receive all of the forms (some of which are updated) specified below, along with an explanation of a variety of important topics, will be only $200.

If you have not yet received an updated rental agreement from Mr. Link as a result of a prior appointment, the fee for class attendance and explanation of the documents presented will be $300.00. Please plan to spend at least 3 hours in the class; there is much information to cover. The class is conducted at the Law Office with a maximum of nine persons in attendance at a time.

Note that for the cost of $300 you may also have your owner, manager or partner attend with you, without an additional fee (essentially “two for the price of one!”)


Please contact the office to schedule an appointment right away, so that Mr. Link can advise you of the legal requirements for a rental agreement, and provide you with the documentation set forth below. Please call us at (916) 447-8101.

The following list identifies the documents that you will receive during the class:


(916)  447-8101

We also encourage you to become a member of both the California Apartment Association and the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley.

Gary Link
Attorney at Law
President, Gary L. Link Inc.